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What You Have to Consider When Choosing a Home Builder

What kind of neighbors do you envision having? Many people like to live with people who shares similar values within their community. If you have children, you may want to be in a community with other families so the kids can grow up together. Some people like to have neighbors who come from the same country and speak the same language as them. And some just wants to be close to work or school. Whatever the case it may be, it’s a good idea to take a drive around the community of your choice and see if it feels like home, test out your regular commute and find out if it can be a right fit for you.

  1. Choosing a Builder

Once you have a community in mind, it’s time to check out which builder you want to build your new home. Custom home builders in charlotte nc will have a show home parade where they set up a sales office side by side for your convenience. For your first visit, you want to get to know the builder by asking the right questions. Since each builder offers different services and standards called specifications, using a checklist is a great way to compare them. While you’re there, ask for an information package with available home plans that will fit your budget, lot map, overall map, local amenities, specifications, sample prices, and any promotions if any.

For extra peace of mind, I would suggest choosing a builder that is part of the CHBA.

custom home builder


  1. Deciding on a Model and Elevation

With a production builder, there are predetermined models to choose from some will allow a little bit of changes to the floor plan and some will not. If you have a custom builder, you may be allowed to do more changes but the process can be longer.

Most of the new communities now have architectural guidelines to keep the value of your home better. There are usually two to three styles to choose from, but it will also depend on the lot you choose because part of having the guidelines is to prevent having the same exterior look and colors built side by side or across from each other.


  1. Picking a Lot

Lots comes in all shapes and sizes as well as facings. Ask for a lot map to see what’s around the lot that you like, be sure to check out the legend so you won’t be surprised when you have a fire hydrant or a transformer box in front of your new home. Here are some common things to keep in mind when it comes to picking a lot:

  • what is required to fit the home model that you have chosen
  • sun position throughout the day
  • budget
  • how big of a backyard do you want
  • garage location
  • fire hydrant locations
  • mail box locations

When you have found the lot that you like, you can put a deposit down for a lot hold. This deposit is usually refundable and most builders will not cash it. It does show them that you are a serious buyer and they will often offer to do some custom quotes for you at this point which will help you get a clear idea of how much your new home will be. After this point, you should be ready to sign on the dotted line.

This article is just a quick rundown of the research process when buying a new home. Please check out my other articles to learn more details in each of the steps I have mentioned. I hope this has been helpful to you so far.




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