Three Simple Green Car Choices

There really is no way wound it: cars are not environmentally friendly, especially as commonly used in the US. Big gas guzzlers clogging the roads with one passenger per vehicle are not ideal, but far too common. Besides combining and limiting trips and having a smaller lower carbon footprint vehicle, what can you do?

Here are three simple ideas:

Carpooling: Simply sharing the driving and carbon footprint with others can be great. Not only do you drive less, but you’ll save money too. Carpooling is most common for school or work, but can be very useful in other situations as well. Try looking at for ideas and possible carpools.

Car-sharing and renting: Do you really need to own a car, or do you just need use of one occasionally? If the latter, car sharing, like Zipcar and other services may be for you. You typically need to be urban for this to be convenient. Another option is simply renting a car when you need it. If it’s only a few times a year this can work out very well!

Car avoiding: My friend Dave hasn’t ridden in a motor vehicle in many months on principal, and the few times he does a year, he uses mass transport. Not an option for everyone, but if it works for you that’s great.

We don’t all need to drive our own drive every time we go somewhere. Consider these three options above to reduce your impact on the environment! Some may be impractical, some difficult, but perhaps at least one option is possible at least some of the time!

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