Latest Trends in Window Tint Technology

Window film products like security window film or safety window film are mostly used to keep our homes and vehicles cooler. Recent years have seen extraordinary technological advances in terms of low-maintenance and energy efficiency. Now, these products can be used for far more than keeping the sun away. I will write here about the latest trends in window tint technology.

Security and Safety Window Film

These are simply fixed affixed to your window. In case of any sudden and undue force upon the glass, these prevent the glass from shattering.

Latest Window Tint Technology

Here are some of the latest trends in window tinting technology.

Electrochromic or Smart Windows

These windows can change the glass from clear to fully opaque with the use of electric current. You just need to flip a switch. This uses a combination of liquid-crystal technologies and electro-chromatic suspended particles. These windows operate on only one to three volts and they use energy only to change any particular state. You can operate this glass manually if you need instant privacy. You can also connect it to a building’s management system, which can be adjusted constantly to make sure that the occupants of the building are comfortable at all times.

Photochromic Glass

This technology allows glass to darken when it is exposed to sunlight. They are extensively used on spectacles and building glasses. However, there are some drawbacks in terms of energy efficiency. They can control glare but are not much effective with solar heat gain. There are also problems regarding transition or switch function. They can keep sunlight out of a property, but they can make a room colder. As a result, the HVAC system will have to work harder to keep the occupants comfortable. Moreover, this form of technology works well on small pieces of glass, but it is still not successful for window-sized pieces.

Photovoltaic (PV) Technology

Almost like solar panels, this technology can convert daylight into electricity. As a result, a building’s glass surfaces can be turned into power generating panels. You may think the installation is costly. However, as it is able to generate this much electricity, it will eventually help you to save money.

Thermochromic Glass

These windows can automatically change into multiple states, like clear, diffused and white. They are also reflective in response to heat. The most common method of making thermochromic glasses is by using gel-based coatings. You can change the response temperature depending upon the building’s glazing location and your needs.

Liquid Crystal

These are mostly used for privacy controls, not energy savings. When it is in off position, the color of the glass is a translucent milky white. When you apply an electric current to both layers of the film, the crystals align and make the glass transparent. You will get almost the same amount of light and heat through the windows in both positions.

Technology is always aiming to make our life easier. These latest window tint technologies are also doing the same.

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