RC cars invading the adult space

Remote cars cannot be considered as just toys anymore. These cars have a huge following from hobbyists. Adults seem to be more interested in these products. They buy it for fun, entertainment and even at times, utilitarian purposes. Remote cars would have been marketed for kids few years back. However there are clearly defined categories serving various age groups at the moment. Ready to Run (RTR) cars can be driven once unpacked and loaded with batteries. RC cars, the second category doesn’t operate like that. It requires some assembly before letting you on the gear. These are the cars which suits committed hobbyists.
Arrival of the […]

How to Avoid Fights Over the Family Car

Setting Rules and Expectations with Your Teen is the Key to Keeping Things Running Smoothly
One of the greatest sources of tension and arguments in households with teenagers is the subject of driving and use of the family car. And that’s no surprise. With the conflicting needs of teen and adult, the tremendous safety issues of driving, and the high financial demands of operating an automobile, disagreements are sure to ensue at some point.
But those conflicts can be minimized by anticipating them from the beginning and setting up rules to prevent them by using corvette covers. Clear communication and agreement on key points can go a […]

Car Vandalisms, Theft Leave Police in Pursuit in Charleston, South Carolina

One community near Charleston, South Carolina, is on high alert tonight after a series of vandalisms plagued the neighborhood between the hours of midnight and 6:30 a.m. this Monday morning. The residential community of Snee Farm in Mt. Pleasant, an adjacent suburb of Charleston, was hit with two attempted car break-ins and one car was actually stolen from a garage in the home of the victim.
Police said that the other two attempted robberies occurred at the same time as the theft though none were not reported until this morning. The robbery victim, who asked that his name not be used, woke up this morning around […]

How to Get Though Germany By Car

Imagine fairy tale castles or dark forests inhabited with witches and gingerbread cottages, the sheer depth of imagination startles the first time traveler coming to Germany. Family vacations have never been this much adventure as you travel some of the 150 themed routes Germany has to offer on its map. The routes take you through spectacular nature reserves or through caves and mines, the only limit is how much fun your family can take! Here are just samples of what you can find:
The German Fairytale Route takes travelers to the homes of Cinderella, Snow White and Red Riding Hood as they drive from Hanau near […]